Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another stone Former!

Sadly another stone former is reported on the British dalmatian Club forum
today! they seem to work out at about one a month reported on this forum!

The Internet as proved this to be very much more of a problem than some would
have you believe!

Monday, December 13, 2010


This is Fiona being shown at LKA championship show, she was placed 5th in a class of 17 (limit)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Crufts Qaulified

Click on picture for bigger version
At her first UK Championship show,
UKC grand Ch. Fiacres First and Foremost, Qualified for Crufts!
Even some complements from the ring side on what a lovely
Dalmatian she is...thank you.
I have to say, I had a lot of respect for the people who came over
to our bench to see Fiona first hand.
At least they proved they have a REAL interest in what is going on in the breed.

My favourite question of the day was.....which one is she! (out of the 2 I had on the bench) Say's it all really.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The AKC Canine Health & Welfare Advisory Committee Recommendations

The AKC Canine Health & Welfare Advisory Committee(Sandra Barker, PhD; Jerold Bell, DVM; Eddie Dziuk, MBA; John Hamil, DVM; Joan Hendricks, VMD, PhD; Linda Lord, DVM, PhD; Colleen O’Keefe, DVM, MS; Patricia Olson, DVM, PhD; Elaine Ostrander, PhD; Frances Smith, DVM, PhD, DACT)

Executive Summary & Recommendation – LUA Dalmatians

On October 30, 2009, the Canine Health & Welfare Advisory Committee received email communications from Jim Crowley seeking the Committee’s input on the request to register a group of Dalmatians commonly referred to as the Back Cross or LUA (low uric acid) Dalmatians.

The question of registration of the LUA Dalmatians has been a contentious subject of debate. The committee has attempted to remove itself from any emotionally and politically charged issues, and instead focused purely on the following basic questions:

• Should these descendants be considered purebred Dalmatians?
• What is known about Dalmatians and high uric acid?
• Are urate uroliths a significant health issue in Dalmatians?
• Are high levels of uric acid a predisposing factor to urate uroliths?
• Could selective introduction of the LUA Dalmatians into the AKC Dalmatian gene pool have a positive impact on the health and welfare of the breed? Are the dogs in question purebred Dalmatians?

In the research phase identifying the single gene responsible for the uric acid defect, retrospective analysis of the LUA dog’s pedigree and parentage data, along with correlation to spot urine testing records, revealed that zero mistakes had been made in the record keeping. The DNA test results confirmed a 100% accuracy of the pedigree and urine testing records.
With over twelve reported subsequent generations from the single cross breeding in the early 70’s, today’s descendants should be more than 99.97% pure Dalmatian. Surely this level of purity should pass a litmus test of being purebred.

What is known about Dalmatians and high uric acid?

The Dalmatian breed is known to be fixed for a medical condition which causes a metabolic abnormality in which uric acid is not efficiently converted to allontoin. As a result, abnormally high levels of uric acid are secreted in the urine of all purebred AKC Dalmatians (hyperuricosuria), which in turn often leads to crystallization of uric acid salts and/or stone formation (uroliths). This metabolic defect was shown to be inherited as a simple autosomal recessive trait by early investigators, and in the early 1970’s a singlePointer/Dalmatian cross breeding was done by Robert Schaible, PhD in an attempt to introduce a normal copy of the gene. Subsequent research has shown that the inability to properly convert and reabsorb uric acid is the result of a mutation in the SLC2A9 gene, a gene since widely documented to be influential in uric acid transport. All AKC Dalmatians are homozygous for the SLC2A9 mutation.

Are urate uroliths a significant health issue in Dalmatians?

Studies at the urolith laboratories at the University of Minnesota, UC Davis, and the University of Guelph have all shown that Dalmatians have a significantly higher odds ratio of urate stones than any other breed, and male Dalmatians have an exponentially higher incidence than female Dalmatians. While the exact frequency of urate stones in Dalmatians is unknown, based on the published data, the frequency of stone formation in male Dalmatians has been reported in peer reviewed scientific journals between 13.8% and 34.3%. In a twenty year survey of the Minnesota Urolith Laboratory, 9,095 Dalmatians were diagnosed with urate stones. This represents almost 500 Dalmatians a year from this center alone.

Are high levels of uric acid a predisposing factor to urate uroliths?

It is true that while all purebred AKC Dalmatians exhibit high levels of uric acid; not all of them form stones, not all stone formers block, and not all dogs with blockages require surgical intervention. Continued research is warranted to determine what additional genes or environmental factors may influence the actual formation of stones. However, given the genetically fixed condition of hyperuricosuria in Dalmatians, and the data regarding urate stone frequency compared to other breeds, there is no question that high levels of uric acid are a significant predisposing factor.

Could selective introduction of the LUA Dalmatians into the AKC Dalmatian gene pool have a positive impact on the health and welfare of the breed?

Urinary obstruction due to uric acid stone formation is also a significant problem in Black Russian Terriers and Bulldogs. Affected dogs in both breeds have been shown to have the exact same SLC2A9 mutation as found in the Dalmatian, though at a much lower frequency. However, since the mutation is not fixed in these breeds, breeders can use the available genetic test to selectively breed away from the mutation – thus preventing the production of dogs liable for uric acid stone formation. This will allow a reduction in thefrequency of the disease over time. Unfortunately, since AKC Dalmatians are 100% homozygous for the mutation, the only way to correct the genetic defect is through the introduction of the normal SLC2A9 gene. The addition of the LUA back cross descendants (those heterozygous or homozygous for the normal SLC2A9 gene) would enable breeders to voluntarily introduce the normal gene into the gene pool, and would yield immediate benefits in reducing uric acid levels and the liability to form urate stones.


Because the introduction of the low uric acid dogs into the AKC registry gives Dalmatian breeders a scientifically sound method of voluntarily reducing the incidence of the condition, this committee strongly recommends some controlled program of acceptance of these dogs. Where the strict health and welfare of the breed is the over-riding concern, no other argument can be made.The only caveat to the reintroduction of the normal functioning SLC2A9 gene is in the rate of reintroduction. Any attempt to rapidly reintroduce a normal functioning SLC2A9 gene will result in a significant population bottleneck and loss of genetic diversity due to the small kindred of Dalmatians carrying the normal gene. A reintroduction program must be conducted slowly, and with a diversity of pedigree background. The breed must avoid popular sire effects that would occur with a rapid reintroduction program. Individual breeders can be free to make their own decisions about incorporating the normal gene. However, it would be a disservice to the health and welfare of the Dalmatian breed to not allow the normal gene to be reintroduced.


If you are interested in seeing Fiona, she will be attending BUBA and LKA.
Not that she is special in any way other than she possesses the gene that will
enable our breed to convert uric acid into harmless allantoin which any other breed
of dog can and is meant to do.

Fiona is being shown for the purpose of being seen by all who are interested to see her.
She is just a Dalmatian! But with one difference, she is the start of the 'cure' for our breeds specific health problem! The Clubs don't think it's a problem at all, they don't even take into account all the pet owners who find their way to the BDC forum with stone forming dogs! This is the age of the internet, and through the internet what was once thought to be only a small problem, is indeed a very big problem! It is no help to our breed to bury our heads in the sand while Dalmatians are suffering because Committee members tell us to do so! Look at Fiona she is a lovely Dalmatian that can help prevent MANY of her breed from suffering urate stone disease in the future!
NUA Dalmatians are not going to go away, they are being imported WORLD wide!
UK. France. Italy. Germany.

Don't be afraid of progress in health, it will make sure the Dalmatian continues!

Please come over to the benches to meet Fiona - she will love that!

Those who new Armstrong and Shelley's long battle with stone surgeries will be very sad to here that today, just before Armstrong 7th birthday he was given peace from his suffering.
He was a wonderful Dalmatian!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Win!

Fiona was BOB and Utility group winner
today at Manchester open show!

Way to go Fiona!

In the US Fiona is no stranger to taking top honours!
She is a UKC Grand Champion and Multi Breed Best in Show Winner!
and Speciality best in show winner!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fiona's win

Now the immediate flurry of Fiona's BOB win is over
and on reflection it was wonderful, she won fare and square!
But now in the cold light of day reality kicks in and I realise
that now everyone will know her on sight, she may never be judged
so fairly again! She is a world class Dalmatian but prejudice runs
high & judges integrity may not be quite so elevated!
But I will show Fiona with GREAT pride, just so that others can see her! not only is she a beautiful Dalmatian
She can do so much to help our breed, BUT only if breeders want to help our breed!
I will now only ever breed for the Normal Uric Acid gene!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Best of Breed

Fiona's first UK show (Coventry open)

Best of Breed!

Friday, October 29, 2010

NUA male

Great news! A male NUA Dalmatian puppy will be joining the 3 bitches
that are already here in Europe!
More details soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Fiona was a model for Frank Kane at a seminar for conformation and

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another stone former on the British Dalmatian Club forum - and they say its
not a problem!!! The poor dog! How can anyone allow this to continue when the solution is Fiona & Sally!!!????

Post operative pictures


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sally is 'away' visiting friends and spreading the 'word'
that quality, type and 'Normal Uric Acid' is combined
to benefit Dalmatians WORLD WIDE!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here is a great article about the political hold up to US registration

Here is a great article about the political hold up to
NUA Dalmatian registration in the US... All About The Spots.
The Canine Chronicle
Click on September issue & go to page 180. Its an American online mag!
The journalist gives an easy to understand independent view of the
current state of affairs!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fiona checking out her land!

Click on picture for bigger view.
Fiona is a special Dalmatian, she carries the healthy U gene!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sally & Fiona

We now have Sally & Fiona home!
We are so lucky to have been sent two such lovely Dalmatian bitches!
Sally is still a baby, Fiona is a fabulous adult bitch,
with outstanding construction and movement.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sally and Fiona will arrive at Heathrow on Saturday 21/8/10
After a huge expence in shipping cost - not to mention the time
it as all taken! I will be working a long time to pay for all this
but the health of our breed is worth every penny.

Sally will stay but Fiona is only here for a year,
Kindly sent to us on loan, by Carol Healy.

I cant wait to collect them!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

US Registration - The FACTS

Here is more fact instead of fiction! A genuine interested club member asked me why The American Kennel Club have not recognised the NUA Dalmatians. Please read on for the TRUE facts....

At it's Febuary 10,1981 meeting the board of directors of The American Kennel Club APPROVED the registration of 2 NUA Dalmatians.

By the 5th generation in 1981 they were typical of the Dalmatian breed, Dr Schaible convinced the American Kennel Club to allow registration of a dog & bitch.
The then Amercan Kennel Club president, William f. Stifel stated that "If there is logical, scientific way to correct genetic health problems associated with certain breeds traits and still preserve the integrity of the breed standard, it is incumbent upon The American Kennel Club to lead the way." The Dalmatian Club of America's (DCA) board of directors, supported this decision, however it quickly became highly controversial among the club members, causing the AKC to put the registration on 'hold' and this is how it still stands today! So because of all the politics involved in the US, it is OUR Kennel Club and the French Kennel Club that as ACTUALLY lead the way!
(If you think That the Dalmatian club of America knows best.
Then you should also know that this same club upholds the right of it's members to breed from unilaterally deaf dogs & blue eyes!?) Both of which, have NEVER been used in NUA breeding!

"(The Backcross Project in the Dalmatian breed was an excellent example of a
breed outcross well-purposed and superbly integrated; but the reaction of the
breed club was deplorable.)"

J. Jeffrey Bragg Author of Principles for Breed Conservation

Monday, June 7, 2010

Most recent correspondence

Dear miss Evans, I am a vet and proud owner of two dalmatians. I want to let you know that I really appreciate your hard work to introduce the U gene in Europe. For me it's hard to understand that a lot of breeders totally ignore this project. It's a shame that they only breed for showring.Keep up the good work! with kind regards,Dorothea Pronk from the Netherlands.

Thank you Dorothea & thank you for permission to post!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's time for me to express my sincere thanks gratitude but, I hope I am in order in saying NOT surprise, in all the supporting correspondent I have received in my determination to restore the 'normal' gene to our beloved breed the Dalmatian.

I have had letters of support from not only other Dalmatianists, but people in other breeds, geneticists, members of the veterinary profession, dog journalists and not least the general public! So many have been able to see the absolute sense in this project and I thank you for all your support.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DNA Test Results of UK Dalmatians

From Animal Health Trust.
The results show that each of your dalmatians carries two copies of the mutant hyperuricosuria gene. You may be interested to know that all of the sample of 50 Dalmatians tested produced this same result.The Kennel Club Charitable Trust kindly made a grant towards the costs of this screening programme and intends to publish the overall result in the KennelGazette and on its website.Individual results will not be published.The Joint Dalmatian Clubs would like to express their thanks to you once again for agreeing to participate in this programme.

Followed by a certificate for each dog with an explanation saying the following...This dog has 2 copies of the gene HYPERURICOSURIA mutation causing high uric acid levels which may lead to URATE STONE DISORDER.

This gives a total of 55 uk Dals tested.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Its strange to think now, but I had thought the clubs would have wanted to be apart of this new breeding line, and I did publicly say so on several occasions, but I have to bear in mind that their statement is just that
*their* 'the committee's' statement, there as been no input by the membership at all. (& we thought it was our club).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On reflection of the clubs joint statement.
I am having a hard time taking in that our clubs
are just as good at misleading people on HUA
as some at the DCA. that statement was truly
full of misleading information.
I would have had more respect for them if they had just
said, 'sorry we don't agree with registering NUA Dals'
But to jump on the band waggon of using unrealistic statistics
and saying things that are just not true! is very sad for
the membership & even more sad for our breed.

It is summed up well in this..."Truth is the first casualty of war"

Friday, February 5, 2010




Our Response to the clubs inaccurate statement

To prevent any further misinformation from the clubs committee... Its a shame that the clubs have not paid attention to all the Facts First they say no photo's of the 3 (UU) have been made available, yet
Photo's of the only 3 (UU) are on at least 3 information websites, Sally, one of my girls is even from one of these NUA/NUA matings! I have carried around with me to EVERY dog event (including the joint clubs meeting) ALL the information including photo's of the said dogs! With full hearing results of ALL the NUA progeny since hearing testing became available. Unlike US AKC reg litters & even some UK litters, unilateral or blue eyes have NEVER been used in this breeding program! The last 4 NUA litters have ALL been bilateral hearing!

as these are supposed to be my words I give myself permission to print.

"The Breed Clubs are equally confused as to how, or whether or not, Mrs Evans will pursue the registration with the stated conditions, since as recently as 09 January 2010, she published the statement that ‘The KC offered me the 3 (sic) judge assessment to get my NUA’s registered! but I refused to do it that way. I wanted them recognised as NUA’s! with nothing to hide’. Does Mrs Evans’ position change, because only 2, not 3, judges are required first to assess the dogs? If so, what has really changed?"

I find this statement particularly Confusing! I stated at the clubs meeting for all to hear that
I was offered the option to have my NUA Dalmatian assessed by the 2 or 3, I find the number irrelevant, championship show judges, and if found to be exceptable as representative of the breed, could be registered as 'pedigree unknown' this of cause would mean that know one would have been aware that they were NUA or backcross Dalmatians ! However I wanted to be 'honest' about what I was doing, I wanted to register these Dalmatians as NUA with pedigrees & therefore EVERYONE to know their heritage
allowing breeders to make use of the healthy gene or to avoid using a dog with them in their pedigree, which of cause resulted in a formal application to the KC. The judging assessment is still a valid part of the KC's exceptance anyway. Is this so difficult to understand?
And as for "if Mrs Evans will still pursue registration"
do they not understand!!

This section is written by one of our team members (scientist)
I have just read the Dalmatian Clubs' submission to the general committee, and it is now quite clear to me why the Kennel Club ignored the Dalmatian Clubs. In terms of scientific content the article is a travesty - it is packed with contradictions, half truths and in some cases outright lies! The data has been manipulated so that it is biased towards their argument (and even then they got the numbers wrong!), and the overall argument that they are making is based on a double standard. It shocks me to see the complete lack of scientific understanding in this article, especially given that in the accompanying document they claim to have "spent considerable time in compiling factual data and analysis in respect of what they consider to be an extremely important subject". Right now I will focus on the abuse of hearing statistics in the article, which are used as the main argument against the registration of the NUA Dalmatians. The argument that Dalmatians from the Backcross Project have worse hearing stats than the average UK Dalmatian population is of course absurd. The statistics are (or at least should be) based on an average of the Dalmatian population, which is made up of many excellent lines with good hearing stats and many poor lines with bad hearing stats. The poor lines will of course contain the majority of the deaf Dalmatians and will increase the average deafness rate to well above that found in well bred lines of Dalmatians. The breeders in the Backcross Project have made it known publicly that all of the Dalmatians used were bilaterally hearing and that blue eyed Dalmatians have never been used. This has led to litters in recent generations where all of the offspring have bilateral hearing (as discussed above by Julie). The Dalmatians from the Backcross Project will have hearing stats equivalent to (if not better than) many of the best UK Dalmatian lines. The NUA Dalmatians really are the pick of the crop in terms of health, and it is simply not acceptable to claim that a small group of well bred Dalmatians have the same hearing stats as the national average - I am certain that many of the UK Dalmatian breeders would take great offence if one accused their lines of having a deafness rate as high as the national average! I will discuss some of the other erroneous comments made in the article at a later date (if they are not all covered in the mean time by other people).

From Dr S Morgans.. (another team member)
The Joint Dalmatian Clubs issued a statement to accompany the on-line publication of their Submission to the KC regarding the registration of NUA Dalmatians. In it they claim that they “spent considerable time in compiling factual data and analysis in respect of what they consider to be an extremely important subject.” Nonetheless, their submission needs correction.Their main objection is that the Dals of the Backcross Project will introduce American levels of deafness into Britain, where lower levels prevail. The AKC’s registration of blue-eyed Dalmatians and certain American breeders’ persistence in using unilaterally deaf Dalmatians in breeding has indeed resulted in a higher incidence of deafness in American Dals. But the Backcross Project has insisted that all Dals used have had bilateral hearing and fully pigmented (brown) eyes. In doing so, they have adhered to the same standards as those espoused by the Joint Dalmatian Clubs.
This objection is inconsistent in that the Joint Dalmatian Clubs do not object to the KC’s accepting AKC-registered Dals who really do have a higher incidence of deafness.
The Clubs’ assessment of the level of obstruction by urate stones and crystals in UK Dalmatians is based on an inappropriate use of the KC/BSAVA 2004 Health Survey. They have used the survey as an accurate representation of disease frequency in UK Dalmatians as a whole. In doing so, they have ignored the statement that appears in the breed survey results: “Warning: The results of this survey and particularly the breed-specific analyses should be interpreted with caution. The overall response rate was only 24% with breed-specific response rates from 4.5% to 64.7%.” The Dalmatian response rate was 30.6% of those who received a questionnaire.
You cannot extrapolate this to represent Dalmatians as a whole. In the first place, the survey was sent only to members of the British Dalmatian Club. People who join a breed club show a strong interest in learning more about their dogs. They are kept advised on health issues and how to deal with them. They are far more likely than the average pet owner to be knowledgeable about special diets, drinking schedules, etc., etc. that could help prevent obstruction from stones and crystals.
Then, out of this already select group, those who took the time and effort to complete the survey showed an active interest in the health issues that affect Dalmatians. This further differentiates them from the Dalmatian-owning population as a whole.
We know that, for anatomical reasons, obstructing Dals are almost all male. Yet bitches far outnumber dogs in this sample—289 to 154. That’s only 154 Dals from which the 8 cases of obstruction were likely to come. 154 Dals owned by people actively concerned with Dalmatian health issues and exposed to information regarding the prevention of urate stones and crystals. Even this select group could not prevent about 5% of their dogs from obstructing.
When you consider that the vast majority of Dalmatian owners have never heard of urate stones or purines and so cannot take preventive measures, you understand that the estimate of 2% made by the Joint Clubs is far too low. For the sake of our dogs, we have to recognise that the numbers who do obstruct are likely to be much higher than this.
Whatever the percentage, it is higher than it needs to be. Nor does the Dalmatian have to remain a breed whose health depends on special diets and other husbandry measures that most owners never hear about even from their vets.
The search goes on (and must continue) for other factors in the formation of urate stones and crystals, but the simple fact remains that they cannot form in the absence of hyperuricosuria. The NUA Dals carry the gene that can prevent that. Yes, it will take decades to spread through the Dalmatian population and its presence may never be universal, but that’s no reason not to start the project now.
As for there being no photos of the three clear Dalmatians publicly available, please go to http://normaldals.blogspot.com/ . You’ll have to scroll down a good bit to get to them, but you’ll get to see many other NUA Dalmatians along the way. We want you to see these photos! That’s why they are on the internet, the most public place in the world

This is from a Dal Club member... (vet nurse)
Just to bring up another point in the submission to the kennel club it states 'This small number of occurrences of the condition are easily managed by diet, and medication if necessary. No deaths have been attributed to the condition' Sorry to disagree but working in veterinary practice I HAVE seen a dalmatian die from complications of surgery after having his penis amputated after total obstruction caused by urate stones, (by a different veterinary practice) and sent for after care and further surgery at my previous practice, just because it is not reported it doesn't mean it doesn't happen!! There is no protocol in veterinary practice for reporting of such matters!!! and then to whom??? would it would be reported???? I have seen this very painful and YES!!!! life threatening problem a number of times, and would advise any owner if they see their dogs or cats straining to pass urine to get it checked out as an emergency!!!!!! RVN.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010


New NUA Information site due to go live in 2 days!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Articles brought forward

I have brought a few articles forward from other pages on this blog -
due to being asked questions which are answered in some of these previous articles!
So I am sorry if some of you are reading things you have already read.

Forward from October

The Dalmatian is the ONLY breed of dog with 2 copies of the mutant genefor HUA - (uu) fixed into ALL Dalmatians (so you cannot breed away from it with in the lines we have).Sally pictured below, is originated from Dr Bob SchaibleBackcross project, started over 35 years ago. using a single Ch pointer now 14 generations away! You will note that Dr. Robert Schaible, is a medical geneticist then at the University of Indiana, this gave us the NORMAL gene(U) so you will see that both GiGi & Sally have 1 copy of the normal gene.We will DNA test all their offspring to enable us to continue to incorporatethe U gene into future breedings! In the US 'some' breeders still use unilateral & blue eyes in their breeding, however the NUA program as NEVER used either of these dogs, so better hearing stats may be expected over most other US Dals!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here's to a better future for Dalmatians!
They are here because of us, whether we work them, show them or have them as pets
If we choose to breed them it MUST be in their best interests too!
No matter how perfect a dog is in the showring, it is worthless to its breeds future
if we ignore health! I hope EVERY future breeder takes advantage of science - hip & elbow score, BAER hearing test (and DO NOT breed from uni's) DNA test as science permits and lets look forward to a bright HEALTHY future for our breed at least!!!