Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Another stone former this time on dalnet list!
How sad that our clubs refuse to acknowledge
just how prevalent this health problem is!

Bringing in problems!?

A close friend said to me at Crufts "Do you no you could be introducing HD into our breed! Pointer have terrible hip problems!"
Another case of myth!!!


The Breed Mean Score (BMS) represents a global mean of the scores of all dogs of that breed that have been through the Hip Dysplasia Scheme up until 31st October
2010. The Breed Median Score has been calculated from data recorded on the Kennel Club’s electronic registration database, up until 31st October 2010. The 5-year mean is the mean of all hip scores recorded on the Kennel Club’s registration
database between 1st November 2005 and 31st October 2010.

Pointer Breed mean score 11. Median 9. 5 year Median 11.

Dalmatian Breed mean score 11. Median 10. 5 year Median 11.

Seems the pointer fairs a little better than the Dals!!!

So what is the problem???

Wendy (in France) will be mated June 2011

Wendy - STOCKLORE FORREST WINDSONG [Uu] (Sire: UKC CH Stocklore Top Spot X Dam: CH Stocklore Vilia Forrest.
Will be mated JUNE 2011 :-)
The puppies will be FCI reg.
Please contact:
Dominique Vincent at
or visit his website at: