Friday, January 29, 2010


New NUA Information site due to go live in 2 days!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Articles brought forward

I have brought a few articles forward from other pages on this blog -
due to being asked questions which are answered in some of these previous articles!
So I am sorry if some of you are reading things you have already read.

Forward from October

The Dalmatian is the ONLY breed of dog with 2 copies of the mutant genefor HUA - (uu) fixed into ALL Dalmatians (so you cannot breed away from it with in the lines we have).Sally pictured below, is originated from Dr Bob SchaibleBackcross project, started over 35 years ago. using a single Ch pointer now 14 generations away! You will note that Dr. Robert Schaible, is a medical geneticist then at the University of Indiana, this gave us the NORMAL gene(U) so you will see that both GiGi & Sally have 1 copy of the normal gene.We will DNA test all their offspring to enable us to continue to incorporatethe U gene into future breedings! In the US 'some' breeders still use unilateral & blue eyes in their breeding, however the NUA program as NEVER used either of these dogs, so better hearing stats may be expected over most other US Dals!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Here's to a better future for Dalmatians!
They are here because of us, whether we work them, show them or have them as pets
If we choose to breed them it MUST be in their best interests too!
No matter how perfect a dog is in the showring, it is worthless to its breeds future
if we ignore health! I hope EVERY future breeder takes advantage of science - hip & elbow score, BAER hearing test (and DO NOT breed from uni's) DNA test as science permits and lets look forward to a bright HEALTHY future for our breed at least!!!