Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am so grateful to you all for the good wishes many of you have sent to Fiona and me
On her CC award.

However I am truly saddened by the few 'hate' mail I have also received. Dog World

phoned me this morning to tell me they had also received similar regarding Fiona,

they told me one even said she "moves like a pointer" I am appalled by some of

the people we have in our breed!!!! Fiona will continue to speak for herself!

If Fi moved like a pointer, she would not have been able to have done the miles & miles of road & mountain work she as been doing with our horses! (she's a natural by the way) and is obviouse by her fitness, compared to the bitches in the ring with NO second thigh!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Sally and Merlin have just recently been hip and elbow scored.

their registration is being processed, they have both now been assessed

by 2 championship judges & deemed typical of the breed.

Merlin will be shown by Liz Sampson.

Sally (pictured) however is a little small for our showring! She is very much

American in type. So she is busy just enjoying life! but you can see

her on Liz's website.