Tuesday, October 18, 2011

AKC Registration Procedure for LUA Dalmatians

10/17/2011 EXECUTIVE SECRETARY'S REPORT Dalmatian Registration Procedures Following a motion by Dr. Davies, seconded by Dr. Battaglia, it was VOTED (unanimously) to adopt the following procedures to be used for registration of Dalmatians descended from "Stocklore Stipples" known as LUA (low uric acid) Dalmatians, effective November 1, 2011. REGISTRATION PROCEDURES 1) An Open Registration application is required: a) Include pedigree for the dog. While application only calls for a threegeneration pedigree, the pedigree in this case must go back to and to document that the dog in questions is a descendent of Stocklore Stipples, NS 601000. All dogs in the pedigree must be AKC registered or AKC registrable. b) Include photographs of the dog, as required as part of the Open Registration process. 2) Application is reviewed and pedigree researched by AKC staff. 3) The dog must be tested for the normal SLC2A9 gene. 4) Only dogs tested as homozygous or heterozygous for the normal SLC2A9 gene will be registered under this program (see 6 below). The test results will be recorded by OFA, with OFA covering the cost of this recording for one year, and the DCA covering the next two years. The results must accompany the Open Registration application. 5) Applicants that qualify will be registered with an "NY" prefix. The same "NY" would also appear as a registration prefix for all of their descendants. 6) Any descendants of Stocklore Stipples that do not test as homozygous or heterozygous for the normal SLC2A9 gene would not be eligible under this program to receive the "NY" prefix directly as the whole purpose of the Open Registration was to introduce the normal gene into breeding programs at the option of the breeders. Such dogs, which only carry the same mutated gene as in presently registered Dalmatians, would be eligible to apply for AKC registration, which would include the NY designation, provided both parents are AKC registered dogs, at least one of which carries the NY designation. Such registration of these dogs during the Open Registration period can only be accomplished as a member of a registrable litter. 7) If it comes to AKC's attention that any imported dog is a descendent of Stocklore Stipples, that dog would receive the "NY" prefix. Each application is researched and handled on a case-by-case basis. 8) The Open Registration period will be for three years (November 1, 2011 through November 1, 2014). However, the policy on imported dog will remain in effect indefinitely. 9) Frozen Semen may be registered only if the dog that produced it is deceased, and if it meets the requirements above. Any living dog must meet the Open Registration procedure, after which its frozen semen may be used to produce an AKC registrable litter. 10) Once a dog is registered under this procedure, any descendants may be registered under regular AKC registration procedures. This would include any litter whelped prior to the dog's registration. As prior registrations of such litters was previously prohibited by AKC, any late penalty would be waived.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The First NUA litters

The UK's first 3 litters of LUA pups are on the way! Amanda Watson will be the breeder of the first litter, due October in Gloucestershire. Sired by LUA Merlin. Contact... Liz or Amanda, 011844 273744 or 07796 13900 to be considered for the waiting list for these very special puppies.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LUA litter in France!

Dominique Vincent's LUA bitch has given birth to 8 puppies!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am so grateful to you all for the good wishes many of you have sent to Fiona and me
On her CC award.

However I am truly saddened by the few 'hate' mail I have also received. Dog World

phoned me this morning to tell me they had also received similar regarding Fiona,

they told me one even said she "moves like a pointer" I am appalled by some of

the people we have in our breed!!!! Fiona will continue to speak for herself!

If Fi moved like a pointer, she would not have been able to have done the miles & miles of road & mountain work she as been doing with our horses! (she's a natural by the way) and is obviouse by her fitness, compared to the bitches in the ring with NO second thigh!!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Sally and Merlin have just recently been hip and elbow scored.

their registration is being processed, they have both now been assessed

by 2 championship judges & deemed typical of the breed.

Merlin will be shown by Liz Sampson.

Sally (pictured) however is a little small for our showring! She is very much

American in type. So she is busy just enjoying life! but you can see

her on Liz's website.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At the AKC Board meeting this week, the AKC unanimously decided to
authorize AKC Staff to develop, in consultation with DCA, procedures for
the registration of the LUA Dalmatians. These dogs will have a letter
indicator as part of the registration number. There will be more
details available later, and the official AKC minutes will be published
in about a week

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

AKC Registration vote!

As many of you know, the DCA has mailed out ballots to its members asking for a "yes" or "no" vote on supporting AKC registration of the Low Uric Acid Dalmatians (descendants of the Backcross Project). We know that there are still some questions that people have and that there are some misconceptions about the LUA Dals. For some good up-to date information on the important issues and answers to questions that have been asked, please take a look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" that have just been posted to the LUA Webpage. Two ways to get there:
This is the website developed to provide information on the Low Uric Acid Dalmatian program. A wealth of information is provided along with photos and pedigrees. From that homepage, you can click on the flashing "New FAQ" button.
This will take you directly to the FAQ's

Permission to Cross-post.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

DCA give inaccurate info to it's members!

I read the Con Introductory Statement on the DCA website with interest. The
following statement, however, puzzled me:

"The backcross experiment proved only that the Dalmatians that received the
gene for typical canine-uric acid metabolism do convert uric acid to
allantoin before excretion. At the time of the original experiment, it was
commonly assumed that uric acid was the cause or at least the primary cause
of urate stone formation. The leading US canine stone experts, Drs. Bartges
and Osborne, do not support that view. . . ."

This is in conflict with what Drs. Osborne, Bartges, Lulich, Unger,
Thumchai, Koehler, Bird, and Felice wrote:

"Regardless of the theory proposed for nucleation and nidus formation, an
essential requirement is supersaturation of urine with a urolith-forming
crystalloid. A crystal nidus cannot be formed if urine is undersaturated
with the crystalloid in question." from CANINE and FELINE NEPHROLOGY and
UROLOGY, Carl A. Osborne and Delmar R. Finco, editors --Williams & Wilkins,
1995, Chapter 41 -- Canine and Feline Urolithiasis: Relationship of
Etiopathogenesis to Treatment and Prevention (Carl A. Osborne, Jody P.
Lulich, Joseph W. Bartges, Lisa K. Unger, Rosama Thumchai, Lori A. Koehler,
Kathleen A. Bird, Lawrence J. Felice -- Page 809 -

So, according to Osborne, et al, without urine supersaturated with uric
acid, urate stones cannot form. The chapter quoted above does say
elsewhere that other factors may influence the size of the stones, but only
if the stones first form in supersaturated urine.

As the Cons agree with the Pros, the Dalmatians that receive the gene for
typical canine-uric acid metabolism do convert uric acid to harmless
allantoin. This prevents uric acid levels from reaching a state of
supersaturation (except in cases of liver shunts--not common in Dals--or
reaction to medication). No stones can, therefore, start to form. Any
other factors that might affect the size or tendency to block have nothing
to work on.

Yes, other factors may play a part in whether or not a dog might actually
block, but when will they be identified? Will they involve one gene or a
number of genes? Can they be bred out? Not everything can. One genetic
factor that strongly influences whether or not a Dalmatian will block with
stones is whether it is a dog or a bitch. Try breeding away from that one!

We have identified one gene, mutated in the breed, that can be replaced by a
working version. Everyone agrees that doing so does effectively lower the
levels of uric acid. This will avoid the state of supersaturation that
expert opinion says is essential to the formation of urate stones and

We can return an unmutated form of this gene to our Dals without losing
breed type--witness Fiona's success in Britain where she can compete on
equal terms with other Dals! I hope the members of the DCA will agree that
type should be determined in the breed ring where everyone can see it.

Sarah Morgan

Friday, May 20, 2011



Gosh it's so rare isent it!!!!!! (I think not)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Another stone former this time on dalnet list!
How sad that our clubs refuse to acknowledge
just how prevalent this health problem is!

Bringing in problems!?

A close friend said to me at Crufts "Do you no you could be introducing HD into our breed! Pointer have terrible hip problems!"
Another case of myth!!!


The Breed Mean Score (BMS) represents a global mean of the scores of all dogs of that breed that have been through the Hip Dysplasia Scheme up until 31st October
2010. The Breed Median Score has been calculated from data recorded on the Kennel Club’s electronic registration database, up until 31st October 2010. The 5-year mean is the mean of all hip scores recorded on the Kennel Club’s registration
database between 1st November 2005 and 31st October 2010.

Pointer Breed mean score 11. Median 9. 5 year Median 11.

Dalmatian Breed mean score 11. Median 10. 5 year Median 11.

Seems the pointer fairs a little better than the Dals!!!

So what is the problem???

Wendy (in France) will be mated June 2011

Wendy - STOCKLORE FORREST WINDSONG [Uu] (Sire: UKC CH Stocklore Top Spot X Dam: CH Stocklore Vilia Forrest.
Will be mated JUNE 2011 :-)
The puppies will be FCI reg.
Please contact:
Dominique Vincent at dpvincent@orange.fr
or visit his website at:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Oh dear! the month is not out yet, and there is ANOTHER stone former
reported on the British Dalmatian Club Forum!!!

This is so much more common than even I thought, and I did my research!
Its time we woke up and smelt the coffee! We can not allow this suffering of
of dogs within our breed, we MUST put it right!!! We must prove we care about
ALL members of our breed and reincorporate the normal gene that is lost from the
Dalmatian genetic make up. Its only right that we do. We caused the problem, while
selectively breeding, we as custodians MUST now put right the health problem we caused!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New boy on the block!

This lovely little boy is Stocklore Wizard of the Forrest (Merlin) at 5 1/2 months.

He is presently in Italy with he's co owners Barbara & Leonardo.

Merlin is due to come to the UK in July to live with he's other co owner Liz Sampson.

Merlin carries the Gene for Normal Uric Acid and will be at Stud both here and in Italy

To approved Hearing tested, Hipscored bitches.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Crufts qualified 2012 too!

Fiona won 2nd Limit bitch at Boston championship!

I would like to thank my friend Liz Sampson for coming

to ALL Fiona's shows and recording all of her achievements

with her supper dooper camera!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coventry Premier Open Show

Fiona was Res BOB at Coventry Premier Open Show held on New Years Day.

Only beaten by the LKA BOB!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And Another!

Yet ANOTHER stone former reported on BDC forum!!