Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DNA Test Results of UK Dalmatians

From Animal Health Trust.
The results show that each of your dalmatians carries two copies of the mutant hyperuricosuria gene. You may be interested to know that all of the sample of 50 Dalmatians tested produced this same result.The Kennel Club Charitable Trust kindly made a grant towards the costs of this screening programme and intends to publish the overall result in the KennelGazette and on its website.Individual results will not be published.The Joint Dalmatian Clubs would like to express their thanks to you once again for agreeing to participate in this programme.

Followed by a certificate for each dog with an explanation saying the following...This dog has 2 copies of the gene HYPERURICOSURIA mutation causing high uric acid levels which may lead to URATE STONE DISORDER.

This gives a total of 55 uk Dals tested.

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