Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If you are interested in seeing Fiona, she will be attending BUBA and LKA.
Not that she is special in any way other than she possesses the gene that will
enable our breed to convert uric acid into harmless allantoin which any other breed
of dog can and is meant to do.

Fiona is being shown for the purpose of being seen by all who are interested to see her.
She is just a Dalmatian! But with one difference, she is the start of the 'cure' for our breeds specific health problem! The Clubs don't think it's a problem at all, they don't even take into account all the pet owners who find their way to the BDC forum with stone forming dogs! This is the age of the internet, and through the internet what was once thought to be only a small problem, is indeed a very big problem! It is no help to our breed to bury our heads in the sand while Dalmatians are suffering because Committee members tell us to do so! Look at Fiona she is a lovely Dalmatian that can help prevent MANY of her breed from suffering urate stone disease in the future!
NUA Dalmatians are not going to go away, they are being imported WORLD wide!
UK. France. Italy. Germany.

Don't be afraid of progress in health, it will make sure the Dalmatian continues!

Please come over to the benches to meet Fiona - she will love that!

Those who new Armstrong and Shelley's long battle with stone surgeries will be very sad to here that today, just before Armstrong 7th birthday he was given peace from his suffering.
He was a wonderful Dalmatian!

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