Thursday, June 10, 2010

US Registration - The FACTS

Here is more fact instead of fiction! A genuine interested club member asked me why The American Kennel Club have not recognised the NUA Dalmatians. Please read on for the TRUE facts....

At it's Febuary 10,1981 meeting the board of directors of The American Kennel Club APPROVED the registration of 2 NUA Dalmatians.

By the 5th generation in 1981 they were typical of the Dalmatian breed, Dr Schaible convinced the American Kennel Club to allow registration of a dog & bitch.
The then Amercan Kennel Club president, William f. Stifel stated that "If there is logical, scientific way to correct genetic health problems associated with certain breeds traits and still preserve the integrity of the breed standard, it is incumbent upon The American Kennel Club to lead the way." The Dalmatian Club of America's (DCA) board of directors, supported this decision, however it quickly became highly controversial among the club members, causing the AKC to put the registration on 'hold' and this is how it still stands today! So because of all the politics involved in the US, it is OUR Kennel Club and the French Kennel Club that as ACTUALLY lead the way!
(If you think That the Dalmatian club of America knows best.
Then you should also know that this same club upholds the right of it's members to breed from unilaterally deaf dogs & blue eyes!?) Both of which, have NEVER been used in NUA breeding!

"(The Backcross Project in the Dalmatian breed was an excellent example of a
breed outcross well-purposed and superbly integrated; but the reaction of the
breed club was deplorable.)"

J. Jeffrey Bragg Author of Principles for Breed Conservation

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  1. As the owner of a 6 year old dal with chronic recurring stones, I have to say its nice to see a club willing to stick their neck out in support of dog health and not just looks. I will never again have a dal that is not NUA because I and my boy have just suffered too much through multiple surgeries and no more "fixes" to try. All of the normal dal owner habits (that shouldn't have to be normal habits) like floating food, no more than 4 hours between bathroom breaks, distilled water, special foods, and on and on just won't fix my boy so he will be allowed to stop his suffering soon. Thats just not fair, and makes me appreciate your effort, and the effort of all the US breeders working so hard on this.