Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sally and Fiona will arrive at Heathrow on Saturday 21/8/10
After a huge expence in shipping cost - not to mention the time
it as all taken! I will be working a long time to pay for all this
but the health of our breed is worth every penny.

Sally will stay but Fiona is only here for a year,
Kindly sent to us on loan, by Carol Healy.

I cant wait to collect them!


  1. Yea for Julie and for the French & UK Kennel Club who are helping to restore the health of the dalmatian as far as urate stones are concerned. As an expat Brit and an owner of two LUA's in the states I am thrilled.
    Take lots of photos Julie!!

    Thumbs down to DCA, hopefully AKC will soon come to it's senses


  2. Yes, loads of photos. This is HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

    And when we get the offspring in the show ring, we can bait them with . . . LIVER!!!!!!

    Sarah Morgan